João Valente Filho - in memorian - is a Master Architect, director of Valente & Valente Arquitetos, a Project Planning, Project Implementation and Consultancy Company, with 34 years experience designing and planning Urban Environment Structures.


Valente & Valente Arquitetos develops Architecture projects for Residences, Institutional, Industrial, Commercial buildings and Public Spaces; projects for Transport and Transit Systems; Planning, Urban Planning, Urban and Landscape Design; Environmental planning and environment interaction. The company has developed its own methodology which is interactive and is characterized by a multi disciplined vision, focused on producing better quality urban spaces.

The company's mission is to fully attend to its clients needs, assisting right from scope analysis and project undertaking , helping to structure the program organizational / physical structure; creation of the financial plan, defining the architectural line and the project constructive model; evolving and coordinating the project up to assisting / accompanying of its final execution to completion of the work.

Our vast experience in these areas is reflected in the difference we offer to our clients, with relevance to the projects intentions being translated into contemporary solutions where suitable technological and aesthetic resources are applied. Urban and city social organization projects, urban transport systems, citizen accessibility and entrepreneurial urban upliftment are some examples of the Valente & Valente Arquitetos universe.


Environmental and urban areas
Guidelines, Projects and Consultancy
Environmental Planning
Environmental Recovery
Environmental License
Landscape Project and Planning
Urbarn Studies
Urban Development Plan
Visual Communication
Urban Projects

Architectural area
Studies of Technical and Economical Viability
Architectural Projects
Work Management
Complementary Projects Coordination
Layout Installation
Public, Administrative and Commercial Buildings
Industrial Installations
Landscape Treament of Outside Areas
Visual Communication, Design and Identity

Main Clients

Private Companies
Exata Engenharia - Luanda - Angola
Duke Energy International - São Paulo - SP
JZ Engenharia - São Paulo - SP
VETEC Engenharia SC Ltda - São Paulo - SP
Maubertec Engenharia e Projetos - São Paulo - SP
Figueiredo Ferraz Consultoria e Engenharia de Projetos Ltda - São Paulo - SP
SPEL - Serviços de Engenharia e Pavimentação Ltda - Ribeirão Preto - SP
Construtora OAS - São Paulo - SP
Torrefação 5R - Fazenda Santo Antônio · Pedrulho - SP
Olicar - Condominio Colinas - Campinas - SP
O Estado de São Paulo S/A - São Paulo - SP
Jornal Diário Popular S/A - Osasco - SP
Diário do Grande ABC S/A - Santo André - SP
Sonnervig S/A Com. e Indústria - São Paulo - SP
Sol Invest Administração e Participações Ltda - Campinas - SP
Santa Matilde Engenharia e Empreendimentos Ltda - São Paulo - SP
Tenimport Octagonal Koch Tavares - São Paulo – SP

Public Bodies
PMSP - Municipal City hall of São Paulo - SP
PMS - Municipal City hall of Sertãozinho - SP
PMB - Municipal City hall of Barretos - SP
PMB - Municipal City hall of Bebedouro - SP
PMA - Municipal City hall of Aracaju - SE
SMTT - Superintendência Municipal de Transportes e Trânsito · Aracaju - SE
CAM - Coordenadoria de Assistência aos Municípios · São Paulo - SP
STM - Secretaria dos Transportes Metropolitanos · São Paulo - SP
CET - Companhia de Engenharia de Tráfego · São Paulo - SP
DERSA - Desenvolvimento Rodoviário S.A. · São Paulo - SP
SAAE - Serviço Autônomo de Água e Esgoto de Barretos - SP
FDE - Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Educação do Estado de São Paulo
IMESP - Imprensa Oficial do Estado de São Paulo
EMTU - Empresa Metropolitana de Transportes Urbanos · SBC - SP
CPTM - Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos – SP
METRO - Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo – SP


1986 – Present - Principle Director and Technical Responsibility for
1977 – 1986 - Director
* Representative member of the Engineering Institute of São Paulo.
Permanent Committee of Accessibility – CPA of São Paulo City Hall.
* Counselor - Engineers, Architects and Agronomy Engineers
Association of Bebedouro District.

Professional Experience


CPTM's E Line (Linha E) Urban Reintegration
Urban Reintegration Plan of a pre-existing railroad that covers the cities of São Paulo, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Poá, Suzano and Mogi das Cruzes, domain of Metropolitan Trains Company of São Paulo. Metropolitan Region of São Paulo - São Paulo State.

CPTM's D Line (Linha D) Urban Reintegration
Urban Reintegration Plan of a pre-existing railroad that covers the cities of São Paulo, Sao Caetano, Santo André, Mauá, Ribeirão Pires and Rio Grande da Serra, domain of São Paulo Company of Metropolitan Trains. Metropolitan Region of São Paulo - São Paulo State.

CPTM's Functional Project of Luz Complex (Principle station of São Paulo)
Functional Project Elaboration of the Luz complex to articulate A, B service lines, the ABC Express line, the East Express line,"Bandeirantes" Express Train and the International Airport Express Train. Particular consideration been given to the characteristics of traffic flow, linkages to surrounding transport networks and the socio-economical urban aspects of the surrounding areas that fall under the impact of the station. This station falls under National Monument protection and its complexities.

Ramires Dream & Smile Resort (In partnership with Exata Engenharia)
Development of a proposal for a horizontal resort complex of about 413.000m² in the area of the city of Luanda, Angola. This proposal has the following complements - hotel area, chalets, leisure sector, commercial center, conventions / events and management centers.

Ramires Dream & Smile Resort

Parque Centenário
Project to renew the "Centurion Park" landscape design and surrounding urban area. Bebedouro city - São Paulo State

Parque Centenário


Park Paths for EMURB
Development of a basic project for the Park Paths Project (Jabaquara) includes the urban landscape, paving, signalization, drainage, illumination and technical telecommunication projects. This projects principle goal was to construct an area that motivates the presence of human activity, implementing cycling paths and pavements from Jabaquara Metro Station to the State Park, Zoo, Botanic Garden, Municipal Club and Água Rasa Exposition Park. Jabaquara – São Paulo State.

Água Branca Urban Operation for EMURB
Development of a basic project for Água Branca Urban Project, complementing the urban, landscape, paving, signalization, drainage, illumination, technical telecommunication projects.

CPTM's F Line (Linha F) Urban Reintegration
Urban Reintegration Plan of an existing railroad that covers the cities of São Paulo, Itaquaquecetuba e Poá, domain of São Paulo Company of Metropolitan Trains. Metropolitan Region of São Paulo - São Paulo State.

CPTM's F Line

Urban Requalification of Maracanã Sports Complex Area
Analyses and planning of the road system around Maracanã Sports Complex area. Rio de Janeiro city - Rio de Janeiro State.



Franco da Rocha Center - Revitalization
Elaboration of the functional and basic projects for the revitalization of the center of Franco da Rocha, proposing the restructuring of the landscape and creating scenic vistas, references, boulevards, visual openings, illumination and vegetation, creating guidelines for Landscape Project developments, indicating the position of new buildings and their road system, shelters, paths and other similar devices, free areas, paved areas, parking lots, walls, fences, stairs, slopes and so on.

Dar Es Salaam City Council, Architecture
Consultancy Services for the Conceptual Design of a Long Term Integrated Dar Es Salaam City Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System and Detailed Design for the Initial Corridor - Tanzania. RAMIRES DREAM & SMILE RESORT

Dar Es Salaam City Council

Brooklin Metropolitan Bus Corridor
Urban adequacy study of a bus corridor connection between Brooklin and Diadema, Metropolitan Region of São Paulo - São Paulo State. Helena M.

Aristides Squares
Basic Project of Environment and Urban Revitalization of two squares in the Ipiranga Quarter, São Paulo city - São Paulo State Celso Garcia Bus

Urban revitalization project for the axis roads of Celso Garcia, Carvalho Pinto and Sao Miguel avenues, developed for São Paulo City Hall and SPTrans. Metropolitan Region of. São Paulo - São Paulo State.

Celso Garcia Bus Corridor

North Suzano Metropolitan Terminal
Suzano Metropolitan Terminal developed for the Metropolitan Company of Urban Transport and Suzano City Hall – Suzano City – São Paulo State.

North Suzano Metropolitan Terminal

City Plan for Pindamonhangaba City Council Assessor for the Urban Development projects integration with local community interests / needs, articulated with the political urban tools and lines of direction. Pindamonhangaba City – São Paulo State.


Propolos Project for Urban Transportation Metropolitan Company - EMTU
Basic advanced architecture and infrastructure project for the articulation plan of 10 metropolitan cities from São Paulo, Campinas and Baixada Santista.

Saúde Square for Franco da Rocha City
Basic Architecture Project of for the reforming of the old age home in the Juquery Hospital Complex, Franco da Rocha City - São Paulo State

Social Program Report - Hydroelectric plant for OAS Constructor
Expert Analysis and evaluation report related to a new community site called Nova Soberbo. Rio Doce City - Minas Gerais State

Ribeirão dos Meninos for Ipiranga City
Development, Guidelines and Recommendations for road and pavement system studies in the Ribeirão dos Meninos brook, São Paulo City - São Paulo State

Ribeirão  dos Meninos dor Ipiranga City


Social Program Report - Hydroelectric plant for OAS Constructor
Analysis and evaluation report for a community land change program, situated in Santa Cruz do Escalvado City, the community being relocated for a Hydro-electric Dam - Minas Gerais State

Polos Metropolitanos for Urban Transportation Metropolitan Company - EMTU
Technical Report for the conceptual metropolitan articulation plan of 64 metropolitan cities from São Paulo, Campinas and Baixada Santista. Revitalization of the Bebedouro train station for Bebedouro City Council Project to retrofit and install the Cultural Center of Environmental Education within the train station of Bebedouro City - São Paulo State


Octávio Frias de Oliveira Suspension bridges for Sao Paulo City Council (partnership with Enescil Engenharia Ltda) Project of two Suspension Bridges over the Pinheiros River connecting Águas Espraiadas Avenue and Marginal Pinheiros Avenue. Included in the project: architecture, city planning, landscape and traffic system, rejuvenating the surrounded area and giving a traffic and transport solution to the city. Sao Paulo city – Sao Paulo State. * Chosen as one of 3 Finalists for Brazilian Urban Intervention Architecture award 2008

Octávio Frias de Oliveira suspension bridges

Viewpoint and Terezina suspension bridge Memorial for Enescil Engenharia Ltda
Proposal for Suspension Bridge with a viewpoint on the top and Memorial on ground level. Teresina city – Piauí State, Brazil.

Viewpoint and Teresina Suspension bridge

Sacomã Metropolitan Station – Line 2 for São Paulo
Subway Architectural Project for line 2 of Sao Paulo city metro subway. Sao Paulo city - Sao Paulo State.

Sacomã Metropolitan

Aduaneiro Industrial District for Teninport
Industrial District Project, Convention Center and Hotel, with logistics support for import and export operations of the Viracopos Airport – Campinas city – Sao Paulo State.

Aduaneiro Industrial District Teninport

Study of pedestrian bridge over Mário Covas Avenue for Carapicuíba City Council (Partnership with Enescil Engenharia)
Study of Alternative Solutions, Architectural, Urban and Structural design of pedestrian bridge over Mario Covas Avenue – Carapicuíba city - Sao Paulo State.

Pavement Project for Institute of Development, Logistics, Transport and Environment – Secretary of Metropolitan Transport
Metropolitan pavement pilot project for Carapicuíba City Council - wide pavement implementation on Ruy Barbosa Av. with labor force training program from Carapicuíba prison - Sao Paulo State.

Cantareira Municipal Market Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian Bridge designed to connect Cantareira Market with Industry Palace. Pedestrian bridge with escalators and posters of the city around the path. Sao Paulo, 2003.

Cantareira Municipal Market Pedestrian Bridge


Linear Urban Park for Duke Energy International / Pederneiras City Council
Analysis, conception and directive development for the implementation of a 1000m linear Park in the valley of the Urban center of Pederneiras. The project was to compensate for the installation of a Thermal Electrical Station in the municipality of Pederneiras – Sao Paulo State.

Linear Urban Park for Duke Energy Internacional

Regional Bus Corridors in areas of Ademar city, Jabaquara and Freguesia do Ó for CET – Traffic Engineering Company
Preparation for formal Registration of the Bus Corridors. Consisting of Basic and Executive Architecture, Urban modifications and Landscaping, Pavement Renovation, Vertical Industrial District Signaling, Horizontal and Traffic Light Signalization, Traffic Light Control and Geometric alteration of 6 avenues in the Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo State.

Lugar de Gente Bonita pavement project for Institute of Development, Logistics, Transport and Environment – Secretary of Metropolitan Transport
Pavement restoration project for Sao Paulo Metropolitan Region - Sao Paulo State.

Bebedouro Central Area revitalization for Bebedouro City Council
Consultancy on urban planning and projects to establish strategies of actions and interventions for the historic-commercial center of Bebedouro and its extension. Covering expansion trends, articulation to the accessibility system and mobility of vehicles and pedestrians, pavement treatment, landscape and signaling for center revitalization. Bebedouro city – Sao Paulo State.

Parque dos lagos for Barretos City Council
Technical Assistance and Architectural Project, Urban development, Landscaping and Environment for a Park in the Valley in the Barretos Region covering an area of 50.000 m². Barretos City – Sao Paulo State

Parque dos Lagos

Cidade Jardim Pedestrian bridge for JZ – Engenharia
Architectural, urban and structural design of pedestrian bridge over Cidade Jardim Av. for formal approval and licensing. - CPTM, CET, CONDEPHAT, SIURB, CONTRU - Sao Paulo city – Sao Paulo State.

2000 City Plan Review, to include New Guidelines of Barretos Urban Development Projects for Barretos City Council
Analysis of the existing plan and proposals to make articles related to land zoning use and construction occupation, according to guidelines of the current Urban Development Plan. In addition to those articles, the Plan covers the hierarchy of the road system, water source areas preservation, urbanization of valley floors in urban areas, leisure parks system and conservation of urban and expansion areas. Organization of public transport operation through binary systems and adaptation of terminals and stops. Environmental rescue of deteriorated urban areas – pavements, squares, services, historic patrimony, urban waste destination and sewage treatment stations. Barretos city – Sao Paulo State.

Cityplan Review


Projects of Urban Development for Barretos City Hall
Linear parks and pavement systems for central urban areas, integrated with urban renovation in the remaining of FEPASA removal rails. Barretos city – São Paulo State.

Projets of Urban Develpment for Barretos City Hall

Lecturer in to the 1st Conference: Urban Design and Urban Renewal Projects - LARES – Latin American Real Estate Society Analysis of the security factor in the transit of vehicles and pedestrians and its relation with the urban design of the condominiums and closed lots. São Paulo City - São Paulo State

Participation in the Paulista Seminar about Municipal Traffic and the 15th Forum of Traffic and Transport Management of Sao Paulo, presenting the Urban Development Project of Barretos City, sponsored by Barretos Municipal City hall – SP.

Participation in the Technical Qualification for Highway Undertaking Environmental Evaluation as instructor of the theme Landscape Planning and Environmental Impacts.
Sponsored by DER SP and IPC BR.

Technical Consultancy for the Ring-road Reference document – Western region – for VETEC Engenharia
Assessment of environmental impact and Mitigation Proposals for the ring-road implementation, in the Urban Design of the involved cities - Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo State. 1997

Analysis and Diagnosis Consultancy for Impacts caused by Road Intervention in Urban region and local Revitalization of the area surrounding the Road System – Case study Carapicuíba city, developed for City Assistance and Secretary of Metropolitan Transport - Sao Paulo city – Sao Paulo State.

Plan of Guidelines and Territorial and Landscape organization for Carapicuiba City
Hierarchy of local and metropolitan road flows, implementation of intermodal passenger stations with metropolitan pattern, land occupation and use, and urban revitalization of the surrounding area of the Western Corridor, redesign of urban landscape reallocating existing natural resources. Articulation of local road system with the western road-ring area – Sao Paulo State.


Parque-estrada Caminho do Mar for the Highway Development Company - DERSA

Program for Revitalization of a Historical Culture and Environment Sites. Viability study for Tourism of the Old "Caminho do Mar" (Sea Path) starting at the Ancient Highway in Rio Grande da Serra until the entrance of Cubatão. A 35km Route. São Paulo State.

Parque estrada


Consultancy for the "Potential Tourism Plan"
Assessment of tourist potential, for the city promotion. Eldourado City Council – SP.

Consultancy for the Mangrove Educational Usage Ecological Tourism Program
Bertioga / Guarujá canal, for DERSA – S.A. Highway Development, Sao Paulo – SP.

Consultancy and technical team coordination for the District of Bebedouro Urban Development Project – Bebedouro 2000 for PMB – Bebedouro District City hall.

Advice and participation in the Study Committee for the review of NBR9050 - Brazilian Association of Technical Norms (ABNT)
Accessibility of disabled people to buildings, furniture space and urban equipment.


Campinas ring-road landscape planning for the Highway Development Company - DERSA, developed for Vetec Engineering
Parks and free areas systems to promote integration and accessibility between urban neighborhoods and rural areas affected by the implementation of the Campinas ring-road. Integration of the road system with the rural and urban environment. Treatment of areas affected by the construction. Campinas city – São Paulo State.


Tourist Train in the "Good Jesus Valley" Vale do Bom Jesus for FEPASA – Railroads Paulistas S.A., developed for OAS Constructor
Plan for the Revitalization of the landscape and restoration of the railway, the railway stations, urban development and landscape planning. Licensing for the implementation of the railway in an area within the parks influence. A distance of 34km. Pedregulho City –São Paulo State.

Tourist Train in the "Good Jesus Valley" Vale do Bom Jesus for FEPASA – Railroads Paulistas S.A., developed for OAS Constructor
Plan for the Revitalization of the landscape and restoration of the railway, the railway stations, urban development and landscape planning. Licensing for the implementation of the railway in an area within the parks influence. A distance of 34km. Pedregulho City –São Paulo State.

Tourist Train

Teaching Experience

1974 / 1986 – Professor of Project II, Project IV, Project Methodology, Introduction to Architecture, Special Circulation in Buildings, Art History, Supervision of Interdisciplinary Graduation Dissertation at the Architecture and Urban Planning College of Mogi das Cruzes University. Professor - Introduction to Architecture and Urban Planning at the Engineering College of Mogi das Cruzes Universit.

Academic Graduation

1984 / 1986 - Master's Degree in Urban Environmental Structures at Architecture and Urbanism University of Sao Paulo - FAUSP. 1971 / 1975 - Architecture at Architecture and Urban Planning University of Sao Paulo (FAUSP).

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